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Natural Gas is

America's abundance of natural gas resources and our extensive infrastructure base are able to satisfy current and future domestic energy demand while keeping prices affordable and stable for decades into the future.

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0xMore Affordable Than Electricity

Natural gas is 3.4 times more affordable than electricity and significantly more affordable than several other residential energy sources for the same amount of energy delivered.

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Natural Gas will cost significantly less than electricity for the next thirty years.

Residential Prices by Fuel (2022 - 2050)

Distillate Fuel Oil
Natural Gas

Households Save $0

Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save an average of $1,068 per year compared to homes using electricity for those applications.

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Families Save $0B

The low cost of natural gas has saved families a total of $147 billion over 10 years.

Businesses Save $0B+

Commercial and industrial customers have saved more than half a trillion dollars over the last decade by using natural gas.

Right Now

Somewhere in the U.S. a home or business is signing up for natural gas service at this moment.

More than 30,000 businesses sign up to use natural gas each year.

Collage of Natural Gas Workers
Collage of Natural Gas Workers

Millions of Natural Gas Jobs

More than 4.1 million jobs are connected to the natural gas industry.

Essential Energy

AGA has commissioned four studies to examine the importance of natural gas in various industries. These studies will look at how eliminating natural gas would impact businesses, customers and our economy.

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The U.S. agriculture sector and its suppliers consume as much natural gas each year as all of Pennsylvania and Utah.

Natural Gas: Growing, Fertilizing, Feeding

The availability of affordable natural gas – an important feedstock for many key agricultural inputs — has directly benefited the U.S. agriculture sector. Those benefits extend to farms, ranches, and beyond through jobs and tax revenue.

Industry design

The Benefits

  • 5M direct U.S. agriculture jobs
  • $225B in federal, state and local tax revenues

The U.S. agriculture sector and its suppliers make up almost 15% of all U.S. commercial and industrial consumption, making it one of the largest consumers of natural gas.

Natural gas helps the U.S. economy produce the agrochemicals like fertilizer which increases crop yields. The U.S. sector would be in a precarious position if it were to lose access to natural gas.

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The American Gas Association represents more than 200 local energy companies committed to the safe and reliable delivery of clean natural gas to more than 74 million customers throughout the nation.

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